Introduction to Research Methods

Psychology 2204

Dr. Saadia McLeod


Class Resources

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Class Syllabus


Topics of Study in Psychology

Group Work: Summarize a Research Article

Group Work: Constructing a Study

Group Work: Consent Form Exercise

Group Work: Forming Good Hypotheses

Group Work: Correlational Design Exercise

Group Work: Multivariate Research Exercise

Individual Work: Qualtrics Assignment


Steps of a Research Study

"Little-known Secrets for how to get Published" Article

"Bias Against Female Intellectual Ability" Article

"Body Dysmorphic Disorders and Safety Behaviors" Article

"Emotion Regulation" Article

"Mother's Posttraumatic Stress and Child Adjustment" Article


Methods of Knowledge (PowerPoint)

Theory Data Cycle (PowerPoint)

Ethics in Research (PowerPoint)

Statistics in Research (PowerPoint)

Descriptive Research (PowerPoint)

Four Validities and Claims (PowerPoint)


Midterm 1 Study Guide

Midterm 2 Study Guide

Final Exam Study Guide


Writing APA Style Reports (PowerPoint)

Sample Research Manuscript for Publication (PDF)

Selecting Subjects (PowerPoint)

Correlational Design (PowerPoint)

Multivariate Correlational Design (PowerPoint)

Between Subjects Design (PowerPoint)

Intro to Experimental Design (PowerPoint)

Within Subjects Design (PowerPoint)

Factorial Design (PowerPoint)

Internal Validity Confounds (PowerPoint)

Factorial Design Group Work (PowerPoint)